Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Magic Movements was created as an attempt to feminize martial arts so that it became more appealing to women. The founder wants to give women of all ages, sizes and cultural diversity the chance to engage in activity which (she believes) empowers them. Body awareness, physical ability and inner peace are an unbeatable combination for supreme esteem.

Martial arts improves self-esteem so that respect from others is a natural expectation. Eventhough, women now engage in martial arts, there are many that do not want to deal with the physically demanding training, masculine hierachical structure and formality. Magic Movements is casual yet it maintains standards of self discipline and effectiveness in technique.

The founder
Anita Carcour

Initiation into Kaliri Payatt martial art (India)

As A child I was always apt to sport and physical activity. I wanted to engage in martial arts when Judo was becoming popular in Aust (late 60's ) My cultural background prevented me from commencing as it was not seen as an activity, girls /females should undertake by my father. When I ventured from my family home and began to travel, I needed to learn skills in self defence.Goju Kai with Tino Cebrano was the first dojo I attended. I found it easy to adapt to techniques and physical exertion. The grace involved with martial arts movements are a powerful expression which makes me feel invinsible. The self discipline, focus and inner calmness are added benefits of training.

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