Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Exercise is very important for the bodies immune system and the cellular exchange of body fluids to cleanse the body. Massaging and stimulating the organs while directing prana, chi, ki around to locations in the body is also important. Muscle toning and improved circulation are added benefits.

Aerobics has become a popular form of exercise, everyone hopes to sweat the calories away with minimul effort whilst jiving to tunes.
The Martials combat fatigue is an aerobic program with martial arts movements.
This program introduces participants to martial art concepts through movement which tends to dance, especially since there's music. Women are more attracted to this program as it doesn't deal with force and can be fun.

The program begins with breathing exercises then moves into light jogging, leaping and stepping to warm the body. Stretching exercises to limber the body for the drills and sequences that follow. Abdominal and back muscles are the focus eventhough all major muscle groups of the body are given attention. Blocking and striking sequences are then introduced. In the final sequence women move around the circle approaching and swiftly moving past another women going in the opposite direction. The aims of the activity is to define personal space and glide past a force. The program finishes with a warm-down of standing yoga asanas.
When the music begins everyone concentrates on themselves . Step by step instruction is given which makes the exercise easy. The music is continuous and with western and multicultural songs.

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