Monday, August 4, 2008

Travel 2004

This is an old article but with blogging it has to come up in order that u post
August 2004, Bangalore, India

Hello there MM,
I’ve resurrected from a month of spiritual confinement in yogic practices at Prashanti Kutri, Kanataka India. Yoga as was often stressed is a way of life not just asanas (postures), so
I’ve been lectured in Indian philosophy
chanted songs of praise and worship
Om ed until my aveoli have shivered with the vibration
breathed strength from the divine
sat in painful positions with a smile
meditated to see the light
and stepped closer to samadhi (super consciousness).
I feel rebirthed, ready to taker on the world again. I have been totally cared for in the last month. Something I haven’t experienced since I left my parent’s home.
What will I bring to you?
Pranayama: concentration on the breath as a cleansing and purification of the body. It’s also an entry point for vital energy (not just O2 ) and perhaps the divine(god), if you’re lucky. I already use a couple of the techniques and with limited time it is hard to include more.
Meditation: calming the mind to silence and bliss so as to reach an altered consciousness in direct communication with the divine (if you’re one of the choosen ). You never know what truths reach you at this stage. Your own or another soul’s, perhaps revelations from the divine.
I’d like to include 10mins in programs, but you know with the rush and noone has any time, this may be problematic.
To clear your mind and fill it with nothingness is a very difficult practice.
Asana the postures, yes, what we believe yoga to be. The stretching and toning of muscles and joints. They have qualified me to reach these but prefer me to enlighten people on yoga and use the integrated approach. Asana is only one of eight limbs of yoga. I already include these in the programs.
BUT I may have a 1 hour session to include all the above and no –selfdefence as one of the MM programs
Interested, I’ll be back in Nov.
Next I’ll do a month of Kalirippayatu, an Indian martial art. I’ll be in touch.

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