Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Had a better session last night. I felt that perhaps I was a little more appreciated for my abilities and there was reciprocated understanding and respect. I guess people were concentrating on developing their own skill to worry about directing me. The concept introduced bought to mind the liquidity of water and the Russian Systema wave of energy flow. Something I look forward to exploring when I'm back with Systema. In the mean time practice for the Aikido grading.

I s the only discourse/discussion amongst warriors , criticism. All my Ukes comment to tell u what you should be doing. There’s no mutual respect. Is this the warrior spirit or is it the predicament of masculine regimentation and rank. Being a female I should be more submissive. Something I’m not so good at. Oh, lady of the fight, give me strength to continue to stay in their face.  They shake me away. What pisses me off the most is when they only know the procedure to a technique and have no explanation energy, movement, structure and balance which generates force.

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