Wednesday, March 6, 2013

One month of Iwama Aikido is of value to me especially since practicing Gokkyo and Rokkyo is more frequent than in Aikikai. Each technique executed in Iwama is distinctly step by step which is a reminder of  all the parts. Awareness enriches practice but I find it difficult to capture the follow and energy. Falling to the ground was break falls and not many front rolls which I missed. Still one month is only a sample and I hope to engage again in the future. Even with variation in the instructions and training program, the techniques are the same.
Always enjoy the weapon work but had to adapt to allowing the sword (Bokken) and stick (Jo) fall down along the back for a more forceful strike. In Aikikai the strikes keep the weapon elevated above the head for protection and faster response.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Judo 29/12/2012

Very unfortunate that my club for the last 10 years or so, decided to sack and replace the founder. Well, I consider him the founder as he established the club from the dwindling Victoria University dojo. I have frequented this club since the Vic Uni days so feel like a  senior eventhough I only attend a 6 months of the year. I wonder about my relationship with the club in the future. I'm peeved by the insensitivity that demotes a man who has given so much of his life and time to a club. Now a pensioner, he is without official status anymore. Well done lads!

Alas, It is always great to re-engage in the load and throw, as well as trips, reaps and sweeps. Admittedly this new crew aren't as patronising and I get thrown ect. Really need to spend time in Japan to grade as it is becoming a block to my advancement, not being allowed in the higher level class. My knee only dislocated once this year. I'm very particular who I contest in Randori, usually I stress we are not competing but training with intention. The left shoulder is also a bit worst for wearing as I insist to train both sides. I hope I will be able to continue to do so. I'll still keep in touch with my sensie friend!

Siberia here I come for some Systema

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Systema in August 2012
Just completed a month with Russian Systema,Grab and escape fundamental to the training systema. I enjoy the warm-up exercises as they are different and focus on core strength on the ground. Adam's a wonderful trainer and only intervenes to add point or strategy to the tussel. He allows you to work your way and doesn't insist on correcting as in the other arts. Push punches and the leg work is an added experience and of course The Wave, I will continue to explore.

Friday, July 6, 2012

June 2012, Another season over

June 2012
Another season over, unfortunately I didn’t grade but there’s always next year.  Somehow didn’t feel encouraged so I wasn’t too confident and had a tight schedule that Saturday. The only problem is the older you get the more difficult to give time and commitment.  Having gaps between Aikikai training always re-enthuses me and I make new discoveries each time I return.
Aikikai  delves into higher levels of energy transmission,  dissipitating force and collecting/steering it to your advantage. I would not recommend it as a self defence because it is very dependant on cooperation and that’s not combat. Yet the training is geared to experience and develop “blending with the uke.”
Personally I take it one step further and ride the force so that I’m the driver and in control. It is exhilarating to say the least.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Had a better session last night. I felt that perhaps I was a little more appreciated for my abilities and there was reciprocated understanding and respect. I guess people were concentrating on developing their own skill to worry about directing me. The concept introduced bought to mind the liquidity of water and the Russian Systema wave of energy flow. Something I look forward to exploring when I'm back with Systema. In the mean time practice for the Aikido grading.

I s the only discourse/discussion amongst warriors , criticism. All my Ukes comment to tell u what you should be doing. There’s no mutual respect. Is this the warrior spirit or is it the predicament of masculine regimentation and rank. Being a female I should be more submissive. Something I’m not so good at. Oh, lady of the fight, give me strength to continue to stay in their face.  They shake me away. What pisses me off the most is when they only know the procedure to a technique and have no explanation energy, movement, structure and balance which generates force.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aikikai 2012

I've decided to use this blog as a record of my training and discussion on Martial Arts. Six months of the year I train Aikikai Aikido. This year, I was fortunate enought to go to Hotham for mountain training. The terrain was rough so we mainly engaged in boken combat, ie sword work. It seems over the years Aikikai has included more weapons training, a preference of mine.

At the dojo, the rolling sends energy into a whirlwind pouring across comfortable mats. I'm often disappointed at the patronising when the boys withhold their energy to throw me. Some can also become motionless, like a rock, to make it difficult to execute a technique. Aikido needs movement to be effective.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Training in the kimberleys

Tae Kwondo is popular and the only martial art in the Kimberleys. In Broome, Eskrima (phillipino sticks) is also available. The head instructor Tony Familari demands respect and students address him as "Sir". There are women training which is always a credit of the instructor. Sparring sequences with restraints were part of the training. I was honored when he told me that the Eskrimo session was championship training. I managed to keep up with it. I have not practised Eskrima very much.

Kununarra also has Tae Kwondo, these sessions are geared for competion sparring with double kicks to increase point scoring.